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Jo Biggadike 

Jo Biggadike is a full-time artist, living in Cheltenham. She originally studied Textile Design at Chelsea School of Art. After which, she worked as a designer specialising in furnishing prints for 8 years where she created designs for fabrics and wallpapers.

She wanted to move away from the more commercial printing processes of the Textile Industry and to a more handcrafted and personal way of making prints. She finds that the collagraph and linocut process give her this freedom. For her, creating the plate, or carving the lino, inking it up, and printing by hand is both meditative and rewarding. Each print is unique, its character influenced by the materials and techniques used.

In 2021 she completed a Masters in Illustration and now sells her work both internationally and in the UK, regularly exhibiting in various exhibitions across the Southwest, Wales and Midlands both in solo shows and as part of a collectives. She has been accepted to exhibit at the Royal Birmingham Society of Arts and has also been an artist in residence at Nature in Art, a museum and art gallery in Gloucestershire that focuses on art inspired by the natural world.

Through her printmaking she wants to capture the feeling that a place evokes and what it is to be a woman walking within it. It is as much about the emotion as it is about the visual elements, capturing that connection we feel when we walk through our rural landscape.



“I love the marks and textures that are made in creating collagraph and lino prints and the inking process where colours blend together, allowing my love of colour and pattern from my career in textiles to continue.”

What is collagraph? 

Collagraph is a similar technique to etching but uses nontoxic methods and natural materials to create the printing plate. I enjoy the rich textures and atmosphere you can create within this method. Each piece is part of a limited edition and is individually hand-printed on my etching press, therefore every item is unique.

Jo Biggadike Printmaker in the media

January 2022

Cotswolds National Landscape Cotswolds Lion Magazine

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